31. [Dutch school]

15 drawings of Dutch castles etc.

[Netherlands, 2nd half 17th c.]

Quires and loose ff. of quarto-size paper, incl. 13 blank ff., brown ink, ca. 17,5 x 14 cm and 3 loose smaller drawings; a few strips with 17th-c. manuscript notes pasted on.

In good condition.

Nice skilfully made drawings showing old Dutch castles, monuments and archaeological objects from Antiquity found in Holland and Zeeland. "Castles" in "Medenblic, Abcoude, Haarlem, Egmond, Schagen, Stryen" (differing from the A. Bentvoort engraving of Stryen,1636), "Cubiculum in aditu Coemeterii S. Agnetis", "Rudera Templi detecti apud Domburg in Walacria anno 1647" (Nehalennia!), "Ecclesia Divae Virgini erecta in Heilo Bataviae per S. Willebrordum", as well as Julius Caesar’s Rhine bridge, "Fibulae", "Hercules Marchusanus apud Westcapellam in Walachria".

€ 250 / 350

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