261. [Flemish]

WIERIX, Johannes. After Albrecht Dürer

[RETIRE] Melencolia I.

1514 [1602]

Engraving, 18,7 x 23,7 cm, lettered on image 'MELENCOLIA I', signed with Dürer's monogram and dated '1514' bottom right, Wierix' signature is as often removed (trimmed outside the borderline).

Stuck by upper corners under passe-partout.

Excellent copy made by Wierix in 1602 of Dürer's fabulous allegorical representation of the melancholic temperament as a woman wearing a wreath seated amongst a bell, an hourglass, scales, a magic square, carpentry tools and a sphere. Without the filling between "Melancolia" and "I" and without the correction of the numbers characterising Dürer's second state, all typical for Wierix' edition although his signature was -as often is the case- removed.
Ref. Mauquoy-Hendrickx 1556. - Hollstein (German) VII: 75.

€ 2.000 / 2.500

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