135. [Dutch]

A selection of 8 prints.

3 engravings, 19,5 x 28,5 cm (warm toned paper, wide margins); 3 engravings, 19,5 x 26,5 cm (trimmed just outside the borderline); 2 engravings, 22 x 26,8 cm and 20,2 x 26,8 cm (wide margins).

5 loose, 3 mounted on paper by upper corners.

Johann Sadeler I. After Maarten van Cleve. Betsabe & Urias. 3 engr. (pl. 2-4) from the "Story of Solomon": David speaks to Uria, Uria is killed in the battle and David rebuked by Nathan. All were published in the "Thesaurus Sacrarum Historiarum veteris testamenti" by Gerard de Jode. Ref. New Hollstein (De Jode Dynasty I), 118-122.1.
Adriaen Collaert. After Johannes Stradanus. 3 engr. (pl. 17, 18, 20) from the series "Passio, mors et resurrectio dn. Nostri Jesu Christi", published by Philips Galle: the crowning with thorns, Christ declared innocent by Pontius Pilate, Pontius Pilate questioning Christ again. Ref. New Hollstein (The Collaert Dynasty), 343.
Anonymous. After Maarten de Vos. Pl. 2 from the series "The story of Jacob and Esau", published by Gerard de Jode: Blind Isaac blessing Jacob disguised as Esau. Ref. Hollstein XLIV: 69.
Philips Galle. After Johannes Stradanus. Pl. from the series "Acta Apostolorum": The gentile centurion, Cornelius kneeling before St Peter. Ref. New Hollstein (Ph. Galle), 208.

€ 200 / 250

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