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[German school]

The women of Weinsberg carrying their husbands to safety.

17th c

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Description du lot

Oil on canvas, laid down on panel, 62,5 x 75,0 cm, unsigned (some losses and retouching).

Wooden frame, 73,0 x 85,2 cm.

Interesting depiction of the curious event that ended the siege of Weinsberg. This city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, was under siege in 1140 as part of the conflict between Conrad III (House of Hohenstaufen) and Welf VI (House of Welfs). Conrad III initially planned to destroy the city and imprison its defenders, but in the end a surrender was negotiated, allowing only the women to leave with whatever they could carry. Rather than taking their possessions, the women took their husbands on their backs and carried them to safety. Conrad III was surprised by the loyalty and cunning of these women, and thought it would not suit a king to come back on his given word. The story of the so-called "loyal wives of Weinsberg" was described and depicted several times throughout the centuries, and the castle ruins are known today as Weibertreu ("womanly loyalty") as a reference to this peculiar event. The painting shows the women leaving the city gate with the men on their backs. At left Conrad III explains to one of his commanders he will keep his royal word.

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Lot 20

The women of Weinsberg carrying their husbands to safety.

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