303. [Flemish]

DE BRUYN, Abraham

2 engravings.

Antwerp, 1550-1584

Various sizes and conditions.

Stuck under passe-partout.

1. Hare hunt. 1 (of 6) engraving from set "small friezes with hunting scenes". 4,5 x 17,1 cm, laid paper, monogrammed and dated in plate (trimmed just inside borderline). Ref. Hollstein IV:66 - 2. Emperor Vitellius. 1 (of 12) engraving from set "Twelve Caesars on horseback". 6 x 5,2 cm, laid paper, monogrammed and numbered in plate (trimmed to plate marks, glued on paper support). Ref. Hollstein IV:81.

€ 100 / 120

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