259. [Miniature - Italy - France]

Collection of 7 fragments of illustrated manuscripts.

14th-16th c

Various sizes, on vellum, in Latin, written in Gothic hands.

One mounted on cardboard.

1. Large fragment from a liturgical manuscript (23 x 34 cm), with red and blue pen-flourished initials (verso sl. erased).-- 2. Large Gothic initial from an Antiphonary (20 x 16,5 cm), with floral ornaments and lavish gold.-- 3-4. Two leaves from a Latin Book of Hours (ca. 15 x 9 cm), with rich floral border decoration and one- and two-line initials heightened with lavish gold.-- 5. Leaf from a 14th-c. Latin Book of Hours (ca. 12 x 9 cm), with one line initials and branches in borders heightened with lavish gold (one initial cut and some letters missing due to oxidation).-- 6. Border decoration with grotesque figures and French (?) royal coat of arms (23 x 16 cm) (large part cut).-- 7. Part of a miniature (Adoration ? Job ?) with Renaissance columns as a border (17 x 6 cm).
Joined: Fragment from a binding waste (32 x 22,5 cm). (8 pcs)

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