204. [French school]

Architectural designs.

First half 17th c

3 drawings, pen and brown ink, brown wash, traces of black chalk, ca. 22 x 16 cm, laid paper, unsigned (frame designs with 4 sm. defects due to ink corrosion).

Under passe-partout.

Two designs for a tomb monument to be placed as epitaphs on a church wall. They are adorned with allegorical figures such as Death or Time, and with little putti.
Joined: Design for a decorative wall panel with a medallion for an antique bust. Possibly a design for a chimney piece or a door frame. All designed in a French Baroque style reminescent to that of Antoine Lepautre (1621-1679). The last sheet is dated 15th October 1634, with a ms. note "Morice Jacquemin Ancien Maitre [...]".

€ 250 / 400

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