268. [Dutch]

COORNHERT, Dirk Volkertsz. After Maarten van Heemskerck

The parable of the Royal Wedding feast.

Antwerp, Joannes Galle, 1558-1559

6 engravings, 21,2 x 26 cm (plate), laid paper with watermark (Amsterdam coat of arms), signed in the plate "MHeemskerck inve. / DVC Sculpsit" (sl. vertical fold at centre).

Complete series depicting the parable of a King whose guests found various excuses for not attending his son's wedding feast. So the King sent out his servants to invite the poor and needy to his feast. Excellent impressions of the 3rd and final state on untrimmed folios.
Ref. New Hollstein (Heemskerck), 101-107.3.

€ 300 / 500

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