227. [French school]

Fight in a rocky landscape.

First half 18th c

Drawing, red chalk (sanguine), 17,2 x 18,2 cm, laid paper, unsigned (laid down on cardb. mount, sm. stain at upper right, sm. creases along left edge, old coll. number in black ink in lower right corner).

Indistinct subject matter with two captured and tied men being beaten by others. Perhaps a martyrdom.
Joined, 3 anonymous drawings: 1. Paris and Helena with the Battle of Troy. French school, ca. 1750. Black and red chalk, framing lines in brown ink, 22,5 x 33 cm, laid paper with watermark (laid down on paper, some creases). - 2. Rest on the Flight to Egypt. Flemish school, 17th c. Pen and black ink with grey wash, framing lines in brown ink, 26,7 x 17 cm, blue paper, unsigned (old glue marks on verso, some creases in corners). - 3. Scholar inspired by Cupid. Italian school, 18th c. Red chalk, 19,5 x 25 cm, laid paper, unsigned. Prov. Wilhelm Alexander Freund (1833-1917), gynaecologist in Berlin (coll. stamp, L. 954). (4 pcs)

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