315. [Flemish]

VAN VEEN, Gijsbert. After Baldessare Peruzzi

Wedding of Rebekah and Isaac.

Rome, Jean Turpin, 1585

Long engraving on 4 joined sheets, 30,5 x 197 cm, laid paper, signed in the plate to the right "Gisbertus de Veni Ludunensis battaviae sculpsit" (professionally mounted on Japan paper, trimmed to the border, several creases on joints of plates, vert. crease at lower edge of final plate).

An impressive panoramic scene crowded with figures, depicting the wedding of Rebecca and Isaac, with many fantastic details such as a dancing crowd, musicians, and the bride entering the scene on a mule. After a design by the painter-architect Peruzzi (1481-1536), who is represented in a medallion at the lower right. Gijsbert van Veen (1558-1628) was a painter and engraver from Leiden, who lived and worked in Rome and Venice between 1585 and 1588, where he was strongly influenced by his compatriot Cornelis Cort. He was brother of the Antwerp painter Otto van Veen. 2nd state of 3.
Ref. Hollstein XXXII:1. - C.L. Frommel, "Baldassare Peruzzi als Maler und Zeichner", 1967/68, no. 126.

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