194. [Flemish school]


3 head studies.


3 drawings, red chalk with traces of graphite, various sizes, brown laid paper, unsigned (several creases, trimmed to the figures, several stains, old repairs).

Each under passe-partout.

Study drawings after the frescoes in the Stanze delle Segnatura in the Vatican, painted by Raphael between 1507 and 1510. Two drawings were attributed on verso by later hand to Bernard van Orley (1490-1541), and dated 1520. Although Raphael's designs were a great source of inspiration for Van Orley and other Netherlandish artists in the 1520s, neither the paper, the rendering style nor the technique can be associated with the Van Orley workshop. The studies consist of: 1. Head of Plato (based upon a portrait of Leonardo), from The School of Athens, 26 x 24,7 cm. 2. Head of Aristotle, from The School of Athens, 30,7 x 25,4 cm. A sketch of a young boy on verso. 3. Young man with turban, from The Disputation of the Sacrament, 29,2 x 25 cm.

€ 500 / 600

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