4. [Bodoni]

[AZARA, José Nicolas de]

Orazione funebre in morte di Carlo terzo, monarca delle Spagne ec. ec. ec. Tradotta dallo spagnulo nell'idioma italiano.

[Parma, G.B. Bodoni, 1789]

8vo: [2 bl.]-[2]-53-[3 bl.] pp. (light foxing, last quire unopened).

Contemp. bradel marbled paper, flat spine titled in ink (sl. rubbed). Wide-margined copy.

Translation from the Spanish by Luca Antonio Pagnini of the oration pronounced at the death of Charles III in 1788, by the Spanish diplomat de Azara (1730-1804), ambassador at Rome. Giambattista Bodoni worked from 1768, until his death in 1813, with the Royal press of Parma. In parallel, he published the first book on his private press in 1791. From that year he managed the two presses. He created and gave his name to a serie of typefaces which have been frequently revived since. G.B. Bodoni is admired for his typography.
Ref. Brooks 382.

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