1. [Miniature]

Attributed to COLOMBE, Jean

David returning with the head of Goliath.

Bourges, ca. 1480

Miniature (ca. 16,2 x 10,6 cm) on vellum (c. 18 x 12,6 cm), with on verso a Latin prayer in a gothic hand with 2-line gilt initials on a blue background.

In very good condition.

Well-executed large miniature by the most important miniaturist of Bourges, Jean Colombe (ca. 1430-1493). Painted within a yellow and red ruled border, the miniature shows a medieval landscape with a reddish-brown road winding from a green plain below along grey and brown rocks towards a densely populated army camp (in the centre of the upper half) with numerous soldiers and yellow tent roofs adorned with a flag in top. On the right a forest, a reddish-pink stone house and a blue castle in the distance. At front below the fallen and beheaded giant Goliath in yellow-golden knight’s armour with next to him his shield and helmet. In the centre of the painting the running triumphant David dressed in blue and holding the large giant’s head in his left hand. To the left of the centre, written in a banderole, the beginning of a Latin prayer with a 3-line gilt initial "D" on a blue background and a small initial "M"on a violet background.

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