152. [Dutch]

GALLE, Philips. After Maarten VAN HEEMSKERCK

The Story of Esther.

[Haarlem, Philips Galle], 1564

8 engravings, 20,5 x 24,6 cm, numbered, dated, signed (on warm toned paper with wide margins).

Stuck under passe-partout by upper margin.

Complete series of 8 prints, 1st state: 1. Esther crowned by Ahasuerus. - 2. Mordecai overhearing the treason of Bigthan and Teresh. - 3. Ahasuerus commissions to destroy the Jewish people. - 4. Esther's servants telling her of Mordecai's refusal of the raiment. - 5. Esther inviting Ahasuerus for a banquet. - 6. Ahasuerus consulting the book of Chronicles. - 7. Ahasuerus consulting Haman. - 8. Esther accusing Haman at the Banquet.
Ref. New Hollstein (Maarten van Heemskerck): 151-158 and (Philips Galle)I: 49-56.

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