231. [Flemish]

GALLE, Theodor; GALLE, Cornelis; COLLAERT, Adriaen; VAN MALLERY, Karel; COLLAERT, Joannes

Litis abusus. [Abuse of the jurisdictions].

[Antwerp, Ph. Galle], 1593-1597

8 engravings, 20,5 x 27,5 cm, numbered and signed "Phls Galle excud." and by the respective engravers (wide sometimes repaired margins, sl. toned paper).

Stuck by upper corners or loose under passe-partout.

Complete series of 8 engr. featuring the abuses of law, in particular the litigious nature of lawyers and the costly and drawn-out trials. 1. Egoism dispels the virtues. - 2. Abuse of commercial law. - 3. Desire and other bad advisers for the court case. - 4. The litigant requires patience, money and impudence. - 5. Who takes legal action neglects all other parts of life. - 6. The litigant, restless and sleepless. - 7. The dangers of litigation. - 8. The death of the wise litigant.
For this free interpretation after the series by Hendrik Goltzius, Philips Galle, the publisher engaged different engravers: Theodor Galle for pl. 1, Adriaen Collaert for pl. 2, Cornelis Galle for pl. 3, 5 and 7, Karel van Mallery for pl. 4, Joannes Collaert for pl. 8 and no engraver is mentioned on pl. 6.
Ref. Hollstein VII (Th. Galle): 401-408.

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