153. [Dutch]

GALLE, Philips. After Maarten VAN HEEMSKERCK

The Story of Schadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego.

[Haarlem], P. Galle, 1565

4 engravings, 20,5 x 24,8 cm, numbered and signed on 1. "MHeemskerck Inventor - 1565 - PGalle fecit", 2. "MHeemskerck.in.ve - PGalle.Fe.", 3. "MHeem.In.Ven.PGa.Fe.", 4. "PG.F. - MHee.Inv." (wide margins, sl. toned paper).

Stuck by corners under passe-partout.

Complete series of 4 plates, 1st state, with Latin verses in lower margin: 1. The three Jews accused of not worshipping the golden statue. - 2. The three Jews brought before Nebuchadnezzar. - 3. The three Jews cast into the fiery furnace. - 4. Nebuchadnezzar seeing the three Jews unhurt in the flames.
Ref. New Hollstein (Philips Galle), 70-73.

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